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2017 Events
Washington University, St. Louis 03/28/17 Michigan State University 08/02/17
Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai 04/12/17 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 08/03/17
Rockefeller University, Spring 04/13/17 University of Rochester, Rochester 08/10/17
University of Southern California Health Sciences Campus, Spring 04/17/17 University of California, San Diego, Summer 08/24/17
University of California, Los Angeles, Spring 04/20/17 University of Utah *08/30/17
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 05/04/17 University of Wisconsin, Madison 09/08/17
Rutgers University, New Brunswick 05/09/17 University of Alabama, Birmingham 09/21/17
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 05/11/17 University of Chicago 09/27/17
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia 05/12/17 University of Illinois, Chicago 09/28/17
Duke University 05/25/17 Stony Brook University *10/03/17
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 05/18/17 The Armory Track and Field, adjacent to Columbia University Medical Center, Fall 10/04/17
University of California, San Francisco, Parnassus, Summer 06/05/17 Weill Cornell School of Medicine 10/06/17
University of California, Davis Medical Center, Summer 06/06/17 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle 10/11/17
University of California, Berkeley 06/07/17 Washington State University, Pullman 10/12/17
University of Pittsburgh 06/15/17 University of California, Irvine *10/24/17
University of Massachusetts, Amherst 07/12/17 University of Southern California Health Sciences Campus, Fall *10/25/17
Longwood Medical 07/13/17 University of California, Los Angeles, Fall 10/26/17
University of Colorado, Boulder 07/20/17 University of Arizona, Tucson *11/02/17
University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus 07/21/17 Oregon Health and Science University, Portland *11/09/17
University of Cincinatti 07/26/17 Oregon State University, Corvallis *11/10/17
Ohio State University, Columbus 07/27/17   

Bold indicates Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™    *Date pending