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Why Researchers and Exhibitors Choose Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.

What Researchers and Exhibitors are saying...
"The show was very informative - Vendors came prepared to answer questions, I will attend again next year." - L. B., University of Pittsburgh BCI event

"The vendor show at UMass Amherst was excellent. The advertising was evident by the great turnout throughout the event. We also received several excellent leads. We will attend again." - R. G., Exhibitor, University of Massachusetts BCI event

"This vendor show was like my happy hour for the month. It was full of surprises and some new products and free samples. You know, stuff that makes you happy, as well as meeting the sales reps, old and new, and having brain storming discussions on how to advance and work together for the future of science." - W. E., Longwood Medical BCI event

"Very fun event - lots of interesting tables and products, and the vendors were friendly and very helpful. I learned a lot about existing product lines and technologies, and it was in a very convenient location. Definitely the best show I've been to!" - S. W., University of Colorado, Boulder BCI event

"Thank you for organizing a very successful event. The location and advertising brought a better than expected number of investigators out of the lab to view the wares. I will most surely participate in this event in the future." - E. T., Exhibitor, Univ. of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus BCI event

"This show exceeded my expectations for service to exhibitors, customer traffic, and number of quality leads. The very professional and caring staff knew what they were doing. There was not a bad seat in the house; all vendors were in a good location. Thank you." - D. T., Exhibitor , Michigan State University BCI event

"I liked that the exhibits had new innovative tools and new lab equipment from a lot of companies. I did find some new equipment which I was willing to add to our lab. It was a great help." - S. K., University of Michigan BCI event

"I work on research focused on middle ear inflammation and the inner ear. I enjoyed the vendor show. I saw new product options for surgery inserts, especially the Alzet vendor, with an option for new catheters. I received new info on next gen sequencing which our lab is interested in performing. I was happy to receive such great info from the vendor reps." - K. P., UC San Diego BCI event

"It is great to have these shows on campus to see new products and meet new representatives. Our lab is not looking for new equipment at this time, but I met with some representatives to get an idea of other purchases we could make in the future. One of the best experiences was talking with Rainin, since we have their pipettes in lab, about their servicing of pipettes since we currently use an outside company. I will definitely be attending events of this sort in the future." - L. W., University of Wisconsin BCI event

"I was very impressed with this product fair. The vendors were very friendly and informative. There are a few products I may purchase in the near future that I discovered today. Thanks!" - M. E., Stony Brook University BCI event

"These shows are always well advertised so that vendors get access to as many researchers as possible during the show." - R. G., Exhibitor, The Armory Track and Field BCI event

"Hi! We had an absolutely fantastic experience today at Rockefeller! First off, the venue was gorgeous - totally exceeded expectations and the most beautiful of the year! The onsite director was an amazing host. She could not possibly have made our experience more positive and more successful. She constantly accommodated us and was truly part of our team while we were here! I'm very grateful she was here. Also, we made phenomenal connections at the show today. Easily 10+ quality leads and insight into other areas/institutions that would make a great fit for our products-services. Thank you very much for everything today!!" - C. M., Exhibitor, Rockefeller University BCI event

"There was a great selection of vendors and products. It was nice to be able to speak with several reps in one location." - A. S., Ohio State University BCI event

"This was my first annual show but I really enjoyed all the vendors. We came from Wood Hudson Cancer Research Laboratory because we wanted to price compare laboratory supplies and look for specific items. We really enjoyed this experience and will be back next year." - A. F., University of Cincinnati BCI event

"The staff was extremely helpful and well organized. They came around and made the vendors aware of all the pertinent information regarding this and future fairs. Very happy with the turn out and will do this event again." - T. A., Exhibitor, University of California, Irvine BCI event

"This is the second time I've attended Biotech Calendar, Inc.'s vendor show and I can't stress enough how fantastic it is. The show is managed very well and the good food and prizes are a plus. I've attended other shows but what separates this company from others is how disciplined and courteous they are. Plus the vendors with this company are good at following up with me if I have a query whereas I don't see it happening with some of the vendors at the other shows. I would definitely recommend others to attend the show next time it happens and I wish that Biotech Calendar, Inc. would have more vendor shows/fairs at USC." - M. S., University of Southern California BCI event

"I LOVE coming to the Vendor Showcases!!! I get to meet new acquaintances and see old ones, all people who care as passionately about science as my colleagues and I. It's also a great learning experience - to be able to see what's out there and what's up and coming in the science world. Science Ninjas for the win!!" - G. S., UCLA BCI event

"This show exceeded my expectations for service to exhibitors, customer traffic, and number of quality leads. Very professional and caring staff that knew what they were doing. There was not a bad seat in the house; all vendors were in a good location. Thank you" - D. T., Exhibitor, University of Arizona BCI event

"I was very pleased with the attendance and interest level of the participants at the UAB show. I felt I was able to get above average levels of quality leads and new customer interactions when compared to other shows. I even gave out all of my brochures for five product lines!" - M. K., Exhibitor, University of Alabama BCI event

"It was a wonderful show with lots of information, I learned about updates with some new isotope products I use. Awesome - it was helpful." - S. A., University of Maryland, Baltimore BCI event

"I found this showcase well put together and nicely presented. I work in a drosphila lab and often vendor shows do not have many companies present that have much to offer our needs. I found several interesting companies present at this showcase, most notably CCCC and FST (Fine Science Tools) which offer many instrument vital to our work. They had several samples of new and interesting tools which would be of use to our lab." - R. B., UC San Francisco Event

"This is a great event to learn about new products and new technology. Also, it's a great opportunity to talk to representatives about our questions and their procedures. Thanks for holding this event here." - S. L., UC Berkeley BCI Event

"The Bioresearch Product Fair is a great way to learn about new vendors and new products. Every time out, I'm surprised to find a company I've never heard of like Biorbit. I always check in with my regular vendors, such as Eppendorf or Thermo Scientific and ask 'Do you have anything new you're showcasing?' The vendors fill you in on things you might not have been aware of and how those new products might work for you. For example, one of the vendors had plastic pasteur pipette tips that were cheaper because they were manufactured smaller and involved less waste. For me, the Bioresearch Product Fair is just a great way to learn new information." - M. S., UC Davis Medical Center BCI Event

"I had an enjoyable time at this faire. My boss and I were able to meet both current contacts and future prospective contacts in the biotech world. As a small company dealing mostly with a very specific product list, this faire was very helpful with our business because of the diverse array of exhibits. We definitely look forward to participating as an exhibitor in the future." - R. A., Exhibitor, University of Pennsylvania BCI Event

"I like the cost savings this show affords me... I am able to compare prices with other vendors we are currently using. Also, at today’s show, I met up with an old sales rep that went to a new company, and we lost touch! I was happy to get back with him so I can start ordering from him again." - C. C., Admin., Ophthalmology Research, Duke University

“The BCI event at the University of Georgia offers our company a great opportunity to interact with potential customers and generate sales leads. After seeing the results from our first time exhibiting, we have been back every year and plan on continuing to attend.” - D. P., Exhibitor, University of Georgia BCI event

"I also wanted to take a minute to say thank you to you and the staff at Biotechnology Calendar for all you do for Gilson; our rep that just worked the St. Louis show said he had excellent booth positioning which really helped him gain recognition for our company and meet potential customers. Thanks again for all your help!" - M. F., Exhibitor, Washington University BCI event

"Great show… promoted well. There were a lot of people who were definitely interested in products." - Exhibitor, University of Illinois, Chicago event

"Biotechnology Calendar puts on a great show. As compared with other vendor show companies, I find you to be well organized, consistent and successful at getting attendees to the shows. Your shows are most often filled with other vendors that are respected and competitive in our industry." - C. C., Eppendorf North America

"Our seminar was so successful at the Texas Medical Center show, we would like the opportunity to do it again at the University of Pennsylvania show." - C. H., Exhibitor, Texas Medical Center BCI event

"I really enjoyed visiting with vendors of the products and services we will be using for my lab. Particularly, Roboz stall was the most interesting for our program. We plan to use some of the instruments displayed at the exhibit. This exhibit was very useful and provided us an opportunity to see the instruments before purchasing. More such exhibits will be helpful. Thanks for organizing this event!" - A. S., Researcher, University of Georgia, Athens