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2020 Biotechnology Events & Seminars

1.Jan. 8,
10:10a.m. Stress systems and sex in the biology of compulsive eating
Eric P. Zorrilla, Ph.D., Associate Professor, TSRI Department of Neuroscience
Dart NeuroScience Seminar Series, The Scripps Research Institute,
DNC, Auditorium, Host: Ardem Patapoutian, Ph.D., Contact: Madeline McCurry-Schmidt
2.Jan. 10,
1:00p.m. Drosophila to identify and unravel pathogenic mechanisms of neurological diseases
Hugo Bellen, DVM, Ph.D., Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor, Departments of Molecular and Human Genetics, and Neuroscience Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas
Molecular Medicine Seminar Series, The Scripps Research Institute,
Beckman Center, W.M. Keck Foundation Amphitheater, Host: Sandra Encalada, Ph.D., Contact: Madeline McCurry-Schmidt
3.Jan. 10,
4:00p.m. Sequence-based design of small molecules targeting RNA
Matthew Disney, Ph.D., Professor, TSRI Department of Chemistry
The Cochrane-Cartan families, The Scripps Research Institute,
MBB2N, Committee Lecture Hall, Host: TSRI Faculty Lecture Series, Contact: Madeline McCurry-Schmidt
4.Jan. 11,
2:00p.m. RNAi and CRISPR/Cas9 in vivo models for drug discovery
Prem Premsrirut, MD, PhD, President and CEO Miriums Inc., New York
Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute,
Fishman Auditorium, Host: Anindya Bagchi, PhD, Contact: Debra Jeffrey
5.Jan. 15,
1:00p.m. Shuttle Catalysis – a Conceptual Blueprint for Reversible Functional Group Transfer
Bill Morandi, Dr. Sc., Independent Max Planck Research Group Leader, Max-Planck-Institut Für Kohlenforschung, Germany
Department of Chemistry: Bicoastal Seminar Series, The Scripps Research Institute,
BCC1, W.M. Keck Foundation Amphitheater, Host: Assistant Professor Keary Engle, PhD, , Contact: Madeline McCurry-Schmidt
6.Feb. 23 -Feb.25
Symp.Rare Disease Day Symposium 2018
Leroy Hood, MD, PhD, Institute for Systems Biology, Medical Discovery Institute,
The Dana On Mission Bay
7.Mar. 8,
8:00a.m. -5:00a.m. Symposium2nd Cancer Immunology and the Tumor Microenvironment Symposium
Robert Schreiber, PhD – Keynote Speaker , Professor, Molecular Microbiology Director, Center for Human Immunology and Immunotherapy Programs AM Bursky & JM Bursky Distinguished Professor, Pathology & Immunology Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO
NCI-Designated Cancer Center, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute,
SBP Building 12, Auditorium, Host: :Linda Bradley, PhD and Carl Ware, PhD, for info and cost

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